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About Us

About Us

Racing Sims North East-Our journey to the starting Line…

The Covid pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, halting motorsport events globally. For avid fans like Sean and Rachael, this meant missing out on the adrenaline-filled races they loved. But when the motorsport world pivoted to virtual races, an idea sparked. Watching world-class drivers compete online using professional racing simulators inspired them to bring this experience to the masses.

The pandemic’s economic impact, including a significant hit to Rachael’s business, further fueled their determination. And thus, Racing Sims North East roared to life!

Here is a link to a bit more about our journey – 

Racing Sims North East about us


Empowering racing enthusiasts and novices alike.

Racing Sims North East is dedicated to delivering authentic, exhilarating, and accessible racing simulation experiences. Rooted in our passion for motorsport and our commitment to innovation, we strive to elevate every event, fostering connections and creating unforgettable memories in the heart of North East England.

Our Simulator

Features of our racing simulator

Designed as a bespoke build

Motion enabled rig for greater immersion

Direct drive steering- feel every bump and kerb

Any car, any track – just tell us what you want

Real racing seat and racing steering wheel